Hazel’s 24hr Marathon - Defib Fundraiser

Hazel’s 24hr Marathon - Defib Fundraiser



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After recent events such as danish footballer Christian Eriksen’s sudden cardiac arrest as well as quite a few close friends and customers who have suffered heart problems, some of which have sadly passed away, i am more aware than ever of the need for Public Access Defribrillators (PADs).

If an ambulance is called for a suspected cardiac arrest, the handler will ask the caller to collect the PAD if there is one within a 200m radius.

I would like to raise awareness of the need for more public defibrillators and plan to host one for our community and locate it outside of the Railway Institute.

The money raised will be in aid of the Community Heartbeat Trust in order to pay for the defibrillator, cabinet, installation, training, insurance and ongoing costs and accessories needed.

My challenge is to run a marathon over 24hrs, starting with a 5k distance i will run 1 mile on the hour every hour completing the 26.2 miles in the 24 hours.

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Fundraising started!
Fundraising started!

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